Kitchen PC - Part II

The first bout with a usable kitchen PC consisted of mounting an old Armada E500 laptop within a picture frame.  It's primary purpose was to act as a digital photo frame, but I also tried to squeeze some music, video, and dashboard capability out of it.  Needless to say, the 800mhz processor and 256mb ram had some difficulties accomplishing this task in a pretty, user-friendly desktop style.

So I did what any good repurposer does.  Buy my wife a new laptop and appropriate her old one.  The Acer Aspire ____ had more than enough power to handle Ubuntu 10's netbook frontend and all the streaming video I could throw at it in an ascetically pleasing format.  The entire setup is mouse controlled only.  It still has the slideshow screensaver set to show pictures and I'm using IGoogle as an informational dashboard.

This time, though, instead of trying to mount this in a picture frame, I wanted the system where all the cooking action is (so you can browse through recipe sites, or just watch a movie while cooking).  So I decided to try and under cabinet mount.  This proved to be MUCH easier than an expected.

Step 1 - Flip the resolution vertically on Ubuntu
Step 2 - Mount the laptop under the cabinet using some aluminum ducting tape
Step 3 - Plug in wireless mouse
Step 4 - DONE

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