Project Vixen

Not so much a how-to, just a record of this year's holiday accomplishment.

Here is our xmas lightshow.  Created via an 8 channel parallel port controller driven by Vixen software.

More after the break:

Here's the monstrosity behind the finished product (let it never be said that I focus too much on safey!!):

Each channel of lights is contolled via a solid state relay hooked up to one pin on a parallel connector and one outlet.  The software tells the solid state relay when to fire, completing the circuit.

Here's the schematic, in case anyone is interested...

The entire package (controller, laptop, FM Transmitter) was placed in a rubbermaid storage box in the front yard.  Anyone driving by that would tune to 94.3FM would hear the synced music/video.

This was the first year trial....Next year will be much better