Google Street View + Treadmill (made easy)

I've seen quite a few posts lately around hooking Google Street View up to exercise equipment of some sort.  Most tend to use sensors to detect a passing rotation.  I love the idea, but not enough to spend the time or money necessary to make it a reality.  So I improvised.

What you need:

  • Treadmill
  • TV, projector, or mounted display (maybe next time)
  • a Stealth Switch (actually, any momentary button would work....middle button on a mouse for instance)
  • a long usb cable (probably)
  • Autohotkey
  • Google Street View

(more after the break)

How it works:

Simply place the switch anywhere under the treadmill where it's almost making contact (but not quite).  When you stand on the treadmill, it shouldn't be enough to set it off, but the act of running or walking will provide just enough more pressure to hit the switch.

From there it's just and Autohotkey script away from working

The result (yes, i'll do better than books for a mount)


  1. Any suggestions how to do this with inside cycling?

  2. The whole premise is based on just pushing a button that a windows machine can catch as it's pressed (ie running causes each step to compress the treadmill, pressing the button). In a circular (like a bike) setup there's no pressure so no button to catch. My only thought would be to either add a 'catch' of some kind (small piece of plastic) to the spinning wheel that on each revolution would click a fixed mounted button on the bike that's connected to the computer