Here we go...

I've decided to do this for a couple of reasons.

  1. I have had/will have alot of fun doing each of these things and figure someone else in the world might also
  2. Great place to keep track of my many many projects (if I can stick to updating this consistently)
  3. Show my daughter someday why her daddy spent the better part of her childhood in a basement with a soldering iron
  4. Help! Please if see I'm doing something wrong or can suggest a better method, don't hesitate to contact me!
So, let's get started. Here are a few of the projects I will be posting (retroactively). It might help motivate me a little more to do some 'how-to's' of the work I've already done. On the hit list:

  • Bluetooth Doorbell (customizable doorbell based on bluetooth MAC address)
  • $320 carpc
  • Headless outdoor jukebox (controlled by tablet, phone, anything with wifi)
  • KitchenPC (laptop running linux built in a picture frame for keyboardless operation)
  • Original XBOX softmod
  • Numpad Keyboard/Mouse (script that turns just the numpad into a keyboard/mouse combo)
...let the fun begin